A visual poem in flux, as its characters, led by a yearning for internal refuge in the face of uncontrollable change. Their introspection takes them deep into relationship with themselves and with nature - a lost haven.


Director: Jean-Luc Oicle
Producer: Isabel Leblanc & Jean-Luc Oicle
Director of Photography: Tom McNamara

Starring: Francis Mayer, Clarissa Cassano, Benjamin Roy, Magali Roche, & Sofia Pauline-Balouk

1st AC: Cory Reynolds
Grip: Austin Graff & Sean Dubé

Editor: Jean-Luc Oicle
Sound Design: Simon Blitzer & Cult Nation
Colourist: Martin Gaumond (Outpost MTL)

PA: Andrew Halverson & Amanda Kossits

Special Thanks: Savannah Lentz, John Lipsz, Alexis Beauregard, Thomas Bellefleur, Wilhends Norvil, Rayane Sabbagh, Henry Acteson, Post Moderne Caméra, Vlad Cojocaru, Theo Porcet, Gino Visconti, Sam Avant, Gilles Côté, Graham Gammell, Eric Oicle, Niagara Custom Lab

Official Selection
- La Jolla International Film Festival
- Cannes Indie Shorts Awards
- Short Shot Film Festival
- Northern Character: Green Screen International Environmental and Social Cinema Film Festival
- Lift-Off Filmmaker Sessions
- Berlin Commercial Film Festival https://berlincommercial.awardsengine.com/? action=ows:entries.details&e=90146&project_year=2022
- Beyond The Short www.beyondtheshort.com/art-experimental/surrender-jean-luc-oicle
- Film Shortage https://filmshortage.com/dailyshortpicks/surrender-jl-oicle/